Dissent Magazine

The Post-American Surreal

In Bliss Montage, Ling Ma seeks to re-enchant a world whose catastrophes have grown monotonously real.

Abolition as Method

Ruth Wilson Gilmore’s Abolition Geography is written to be used.

Park Socialists

Chicago’s steel mills are forty years gone to brownfields. Most of the union halls are shuttered. Yet the parks, with their fieldhouses and pools and quiet preserves, remain as enduring gifts from social visionaries.

Israel’s Rightward Turn

The backlash against the increasingly vocal demands for recognition and equality on the part of Israel’s Arab citizens has decisively shaped twenty-first-century Israeli politics.

A Living Tradition

To prevent socialism from becoming stale orthodoxy, we need to be alive to changes in the world around us.

Between Flood and Fire

The spread of precarious conditions across the world can lead to despair, but it points to possibilities as well.

My Name for Hope

Democratic socialism offers a vision of a good life—that we can share wealth and power and knowledge, be less selfish and cruel, and let everyone, not just the lucky few, develop their talents.

A Simple Ethos

The implementation of socialism is dauntingly complex, beset on all sides by historical forces and individual corruption. But I’m still a socialist because it is a way to be a human among humans, a person in a society of the people.

Labor and Freedom

The labor movement is an ongoing fight for our lives and our humanity.

Putinism’s Defeated Opposition

In a new collection, Ilya Budraitskis provides a trenchant analysis of the ideological underpinnings of Putin’s Russia and the domestic political groups that have opposed his government.

A Dose of Rational Optimism

Slouching Towards Utopia is a rise-and-fall epic—but it is better at depicting the rise than explaining the fall.

The Forcefield of Solidarity

Daisy Pitkin’s On the Line is one of the best books ever written about American trade unionism.

Who Rules the Rural South?

If we think culture explains voting behavior, we should be talking about a culture of disempowerment and resignation before we talk about a culture of conservatism.

Can DSA Go the Distance?

In a matter of years, DSA has turned from a musty debate club for retired social democrats into an electoral powerhouse of young, ecumenical radicals. What’s next?

Our Segregation Problem

Throughout the United States, racial separation remains a common feature of collective life. The consequences are significant for left political organizing aimed at building a multiracial working-class majority.

Why Are You a Socialist?

Rather than a science or a lifestyle, socialism is an approach to the world’s injustices that can compel us to act with one another—even in darker times.

Masters of None

The White House MasterClass series is a symptom of a mordant political culture in which power transforms a person into a celebrity.

Con City

If it is actually built, Akon City will be a monument to capital, excess, and waste.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If there’s a chance to make a better world, our best shot comes from building a working-class majority.