Dissent Magazine

The Hustle Economy

Today, inequality—especially racial inequality—is not only produced through the job market but through people’s ability to hustle.

Bodies on the Line

Introducing our Fall 2020 special section, “Technology and the Crisis of Work.”

Mr In-Between

Working on Dissent has been both a great pleasure and a ceaseless responsibility. It is time to let others have all the fun and carry most of the burden.

Essential and Untrusted

The pandemic has exacerbated an existing child care crisis. Platforms like Care.com are growing, while exposing care workers to new forms of surveillance and discrimination.

Digital Piecework

Homework and piece pay in the garment industry were largely abolished by the global labor struggles that preceded the New Deal. Silicon Valley capitalists have brought the model back.

Litigation for the People

Critics argue that anti-discrimination law legitimizes, rather than challenges, the fundamental inequalities of society. For Filipino-American workers in the northwest, however, it was a tool for organizing along race and class lines and advancing political goals.

Living Constitutions

While constitutions are often conceived as elite projects, the Indian example illustrates that founding texts can have unexpected meanings for popular politics.

Monetary Democracy

The rules of the monetary system are too important to be left to financial elites. When ordinary people speak up, they often come up with better ideas.

Cowboy Confederates

The ideals of the Confederate South found new force in the bloody plains of the American West.

Irving Howe: A Socialist Life

If Howe’s intellectual evolution has meaning for today’s left, it is to be found in his struggle to transcend sectarian mindsets while remaining principled.

When the Government Stops Counting

By ignoring demands to release incarcerated people during the pandemic, prison administrators and elected officials relegate them to mass death under the fatal logic of public safety.

After Growth

For growth at any cost to become the only realistic basis for collective well-being, other forms of knowledge had to be suppressed or purged—recast as superstitious or irrational.

Can We Remake a Broken Immigration System?

If Democrats take back political power in November and want to seriously address the plight of migrants and the undocumented, they’ll need to rebuild immigration policy from the ground up.

Diversity and the Democrats

The diversity of the initial roster of Democratic presidential candidates pushed all of them to speak about their commitments to battle racism and gender inequity. But it wasn’t enough to transform the political landscape in which they competed.

The Long Trail to Socialism

America’s trail systems embody a conservationist ethic in support of leisure. Their construction was the essence of public work: not for profit but a common good.

The Nativist Tradition

Two recent books put the reemergence of anti-immigrant sentiment in the Trump era into historical relief.

The Gramsci of the Brazilian Right

Once a major influence on Jair Bolsonaro, Olavo de Carvalho’s ambition is to establish a new right-wing, nationalist cultural hegemony in Brazil.

Grief Circling

When our grief has structural causes, it can be the ground of struggle and a utopian political force.

Will COVID-19 Spur a Wave of Unionization?

Workers have been infuriated by the callous treatment they’ve received in their workplaces. Many of them recognized that the most surefire way to get their employers to provide the protection they needed was through collective action.