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Can Conservatives Write Good U.S. History?

By not giving the battle against racism and for equality its due, Wilfred McClay’s Land of Hope fails to explain how and for whom power was and continues to be wielded in America.

Scapegoat Country

Since the 2016 election, the American press has fixated on rural communities and created a dubious new genre: the Trump Country Safari.

The Obamanauts

What is the defining achievement of Barack Obama?

The Rise of the Texas Left

The 2020 elections will provide plenty of opportunities for the left to test its vision and build its infrastructure in Texas—from the city to the state level, from inside the Democratic Party and out.

Five Years After Ferguson

For those active in the movement, Black Lives Matter provided a vision of the future that would allow black people to do more than simply survive.

Norwegian Mood

Dag Solstad is widely considered Norway’s most accomplished living writer, in part because of how his writing has intertwined with the fortunes of the Norwegian left.

What Makes a Place Rural?

The 2016 electoral map, with its seas of rural red, has served as the basis for a misleading and simplified shorthand for urban and rural life. These maps suggest different approaches.

Fed Up: The Impunity of Central Banks

The bailouts averted another Great Depression, but they began a crisis of political and institutional legitimacy that shows no signs of abating. Few issues highlight the dominance of economic power over participatory democracy better than central bank independence.

Rural America Reimagined

Introducing our Fall 2019 special section, “Left Paths in Rural America.”

Why the Left Needs Liberals

Every reform era came about, in the main, when left-wing movements compelled liberal politicians to back some of their key demands and then collaborated with those lawmakers against their common foes.

Solidarity’s Promise

In the photo above, taken on May 1, 1989, Jacek Kuroń, a leader of the democratic opposition in Poland, marched with Solidarity, a movement he was instrumental in building. The demonstration came on the eve of victory for Poland’s anti-authoritarian …

Socialism Beyond Equality

We need to think not only about beating the 1 percent, but also about the kind of world we want to build, the kind of existence we want to have on this earth.

National Neoliberalism in Turkey

If progressive critics of neoliberalism aim to recuperate the national arena to regain policy space back from global capital, they also need to think hard about how to challenge capitalists they face at home.

Ursula K. Le Guin’s Revolutions

Le Guin’s work is distinctive not only because it is imaginative, or because it is political, but because she thought so deeply about the work of building a future worth living.

Organizing Skid Row

Activists in L.A. are connecting homelessness to the issues of over-policing, gentrification, and the fight for affordable housing—and asking the city to recognize the homeless as members of the community, rather than a problem to be swept out of view.

“Hurrah for the Time Man!”

The labor historians of the 1960s were born into the culture of unity forged in the working-class movement’s classical phase, between 1890 and 1945. In one form or another, they told the story of this era, not realizing how radically it might come undone.

Material World

Bruno Latour’s flirtations with the paranoid style of climate politics are a summation of ideas long in the making—ideas that those attempting to preserve a planet shared by all will have to take into account, but will also have to reach beyond.

Kwame Nkrumah and the Quest for Independence

If the nation-state had failed to overcome the problem of colonial dependence, then the postcolonial political kingdom had to be reimagined. Nkrumah’s vision of pan-African federation was an effort to do just that.