Dissent Magazine

The Trauma of the Troubles

In recent depictions of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, we find not the blast sites of the conflict but the domestic spaces that absorbed the fallout.

E Pluribus Country

Politics flattens, but the best country music invites us into people’s complex and contradictory lives.

Up from Polarization

In his new book, Ezra Klein builds a persuasive account of the rise of polarization. But the master explainer can offer no explanation for where we go from here.

Listening in an Emergency

Big Thief makes protest music for a moment when even language, even stories, even voices, have betrayed us.

After Carbon Democracy

The Green New Deal is a wager that more democracy, rather than less, is the way to tackle climate change.

How Socialists Can Govern

Many on the U.S. left fear governing power, in part because it has been so difficult to achieve. More recent optimism among socialists is a welcome development—but we need a middle ground between being cynical and naive.

Colossus Wears Tweed

A number of recent books blame the rise of neoliberalism on economists. But the evidence suggests it is still capital that rules.

Among the Post-Liberals

No one has the stomach to burn out the tongues of blasphemers anymore, even if some remain too ornery to admit it. Perhaps breaking free of liberalism is harder than it looks.

The Municipalist Moment

Movements on the left are increasingly looking to build power at the local level. The question is how we can leverage municipal gains to transform the system at expanding scales.

It’s Party Time

If you do not engage in the Democratic Party, its apparatus will continually be turned on you. You may not be interested in the Democratic leadership, but they’re interested in you.

Year One of AMLO’s Mexico

When AMLO took office there was a sense of hope, enthusiasm, and renewal. Today, there is a growing sense of unease that his administration cannot deliver the changes that Mexicans so desperately need.

We Need an Insurgent Mass Movement

Trumpian nativism promotes whiteness as the basis for solidarity. Our response must demonstrate how freedom for one depends on freedom for all.

The Court Is Not Your Friend

Progressives have little to lose and much to gain by leaving juristocracy to the enemies of democracy.

Lifestyle Migrants

The contrasts between North Americans moving south and Central Americans traveling north, or Western migrants frolicking on Thai beaches while Burmese refugees languish in camps, are numerous and stark.

Prisons and the Rural Ghetto

Prison construction becomes an attractive proposition in the face of poverty and the absence of other forms of private or public investment. To fight mass incarceration, we need different avenues for rural economic development.

Israel–Palestine Today: A Values-Based Approach

Refusing to hold Israel to the standards to which we hold all other states would be wavering in our commitment to freedom, democracy, and equality. (With a reply from Michael Walzer.)

Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism

What’s wrong with anti-Zionism is anti-Zionism itself. (With a response from Joshua Leifer.)