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The Disease Map of Rural America

In the hardest-hit rural communities, the collective immune system was already fatally compromised. They were deep into a decades-old crisis when the pandemic arrived.

Why Hong Kongers Fight

After weathering decades of disappointment, Hong Kongers understand that there is no tomorrow waiting. The future is not guaranteed, but must be won.

Democracy on Hold

We’ve long heard about a decline in democracy. Canceled elections put this state of affairs into stark perspective.

Dismantle Racial Capitalism

The COVID crisis has cast into stark relief what has always been true: the wealth and prosperity of the U.S. economy rests on the labor, and the lives, of black and brown people.

The Dignity of Labor

Despite the outpouring of praise for essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, their own interests continue to come second to the broader public’s need for cheap and reliable labor.

Europe: Will This Crisis Be Different?

As the 2008 financial crisis made clear, without major change at the European level, social democratic responses to the coronavirus crisis will be out of reach for many countries across the continent.

The Case for Universal Voting

Universal civic duty voting would represent a milestone in the two-century-long struggle to expand the franchise.

Apocalypse Again

For many people, the world has ended again and again.

The Return of the Labor Question

Absent a sufficient level of density to carry the swing states, unions are seeking to turn out not just their own members but sympathetic communities as well.

Deep Problems

The center may lack imagination and moral vision, but it has one weighty advantage: we all live in the world it built.

Essential Work

Introducing a special section on the Democrats in 2020.

Work in the Time of Coronavirus

Since March, we have been collecting short stories about what workers are facing during the crisis, and how they have been fighting back. You can read eight of them here.

Unsteady Work

The central experience of work in the twenty-first century is one of instability. And yet that experience is largely unrecorded in contemporary fiction.

Coronavirus and the Surveillance State

The evolution of information technologies will beckon us to expand the powers of governments, especially when we believe they would serve the common good, like during a pandemic. A bit of reflection should give us pause.

Bring Back Health Planning

We need a health system where the distribution of infrastructure and resources is not left to the dictates of the market, but rationally planned according to the needs of communities—and the certainty of future disasters.

Conservative Incoherence

The conservative response to COVID-19 has been defined by its heterogeneity: a blur of contradictory recriminations, confirmation biases, and conspiracy peddling.

Turn Mutual Aid Into Meaningful Work

Community care as formal employment seems necessary in the face of a disaster-prone future. It could also feel a lot better than any large-scale employment on the table now.