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Land Reform and the Green New Deal

Few Green New Deal proposals include explicit attention to rural people and places. But a bold vision for rural America can challenge the ascendance of right-wing populism.

Filming the Black Belt: An Interview with RaMell Ross

Our culture is saturated with media representations of young black men. Rarely do we see their lives unfold as they do in Hale County This Morning, This Evening—as full inhabitants of their own prosaic and grand humanity.

The New Tech Culture Wars

In our extremely online political times, content moderators have been cast as central players in the fight for democracy, whether as its antagonists or its delinquent guardians.

Let Them Eat Tech

Tech-oriented solutions to rural poverty and underdevelopment have become hallmarks of Democratic Party policy thinking. We need an alternative that redistributes the wealth generated by the high-tech sector—and recognizes its limits as a development strategy.

What’s Left of Generation X

To be Gen X was to be disaffected from the consumer norms of the 1980s, but to be pessimistic about any chance for social transformation.

The Seeds of Rural Progressivism

Many rural communities feel a contempt for the status quo that persists regardless of the ruling party. Organizers are helping them build their own political power, in service of their own needs.

Can Conservatives Write Good U.S. History?

By not giving the battle against racism and for equality its due, Wilfred McClay’s Land of Hope fails to explain how and for whom power was and continues to be wielded in America.

Scapegoat Country

Since the 2016 election, the American press has fixated on rural communities and created a dubious new genre: the Trump Country Safari.

The Obamanauts

What is the defining achievement of Barack Obama?

The Rise of the Texas Left

The 2020 elections will provide plenty of opportunities for the left to test its vision and build its infrastructure in Texas—from the city to the state level, from inside the Democratic Party and out.

Five Years After Ferguson

For those active in the movement, Black Lives Matter provided a vision of the future that would allow black people to do more than simply survive.

Norwegian Mood

Dag Solstad is widely considered Norway’s most accomplished living writer, in part because of how his writing has intertwined with the fortunes of the Norwegian left.

What Makes a Place Rural?

The 2016 electoral map, with its seas of rural red, has served as the basis for a misleading and simplified shorthand for urban and rural life. These maps suggest different approaches.

Fed Up: The Impunity of Central Banks

The bailouts averted another Great Depression, but they began a crisis of political and institutional legitimacy that shows no signs of abating. Few issues highlight the dominance of economic power over participatory democracy better than central bank independence.

Rural America Reimagined

Introducing our Fall 2019 special section, “Left Paths in Rural America.”

Why the Left Needs Liberals

Every reform era came about, in the main, when left-wing movements compelled liberal politicians to back some of their key demands and then collaborated with those lawmakers against their common foes.

Solidarity’s Promise

In the photo above, taken on May 1, 1989, Jacek Kuroń, a leader of the democratic opposition in Poland, marched with Solidarity, a movement he was instrumental in building. The demonstration came on the eve of victory for Poland’s anti-authoritarian …

Socialism Beyond Equality

We need to think not only about beating the 1 percent, but also about the kind of world we want to build, the kind of existence we want to have on this earth.