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Pop-Up Populism: The Failure of Left-Wing Nationalism in Germany

Aufstehen’s leaders insisted that their movement was not defined by its opposition to migrants. But they consistently cast migrants as either pawns in the game of finance capital or as the phony poster children of misguided urban idealists.

Jim Crow Must Go in Brooklyn

In July 1963, “Jim Crow Must Go In Brooklyn!” became the rallying cry of scores of men, women, and children resisting segregation.

The Frontier Closes In

Trump’s wall is a “monument to the final closing of the frontier.” He has abandoned the political language of boundless optimism for a darker tone.

Two Paths for Millennial Politics

The important issue today isn’t what the world has done to millennials. It’s what millennials are going to do next—and where they’ll look for leadership.

Political Scenarios for Climate Disaster

In the Global North we often act as if our future will be a warmer version of today: liberal capitalism, plus flood insurance, minus coral reefs. That future is a fantasy.

An Interview with Yanis Varoufakis

“We have to talk to people in a way that combines addressing these [economic] anxieties with the issues of the environment. Unless we manage to do that, we will fail.”

The Postcolonial Case for Rethinking Borders

A close look at the experiences of immigrants should lead us to the conclusion that First World nations have no right to exclude Third World migrants, including the unauthorized economic migrants that dominate contemporary political debates.

No More Lifeboats

While acknowledging the ongoing emotional and institutional power of the nation as a community of shared fate, we are also clear-eyed about its limitations given the scale of today’s challenges.

Can Elephants Be Persons?

Personhood for Happy would create a legal precedent and framework for granting fundamental rights to nonhumans in the future.

Immigrants Didn’t Kill Your Union

Immigration didn’t cause the economic restructuring that began in the 1970s, or the inequality and labor degradation that came with it.

What Amos Oz Couldn’t See

The late writer’s displays of moral courage will serve as a kind of record for future historians, proof of the efforts of Israelis who did not stand idly by as their country’s skies darkened—as well as proof of their shortcomings.

No Power without Organizing

Workers must build durable collective identities on their own behalf, and unions must institutionalize that social solidarity.