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Land Reform and the Green New Deal

Few Green New Deal proposals include explicit attention to rural people and places. But a bold vision for rural America can challenge the ascendance of right-wing populism.

Filming the Black Belt: An Interview with RaMell Ross

Our culture is saturated with media representations of young black men. Rarely do we see their lives unfold as they do in Hale County This Morning, This Evening—as full inhabitants of their own prosaic and grand humanity.

The New Tech Culture Wars

In our extremely online political times, content moderators have been cast as central players in the fight for democracy, whether as its antagonists or its delinquent guardians.

Let Them Eat Tech

Tech-oriented solutions to rural poverty and underdevelopment have become hallmarks of Democratic Party policy thinking. We need an alternative that redistributes the wealth generated by the high-tech sector—and recognizes its limits as a development strategy.

What’s Left of Generation X

To be Gen X was to be disaffected from the consumer norms of the 1980s, but to be pessimistic about any chance for social transformation.