We have responded to the call for action Thursday, January 9, 2020 to register the urgent need to stop the slide to war.  We have just heard a statement from the President that he doesn't want war,  never acknowledging the provocative and illegal actions that the U.S.has engaged in but putting the blame completely on Iran.  Iran's leaders have repeatedly stated that the development of nuclear weapons is not allowed by their religious edicts and they are not seeking to build any.  They notified Iraq of their planned strikes Wednesday night, so the U.S. was forewarned and no casualties resulted, in stark contrast to the U.S. drone strike that killed Soleimani who was arriving in Iraq to consult with the Iraqi government.
Thursday, January 9, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM              
Town Square Pavilion, Corner of Main St and Illinois Ave.. Carbondale,  Gather at Town Square Pavilion, Walk North on Main St. to deliver a message to Rep. Mike Bost and vigil in front of his office.  Signs will be provided but attendees welcome to bring their own
Assassinations don't make us safer. Last night's attack is clear evidence of that. And that is why on Thursday, we will join together for a day of action across the country to protest and say #NoWarWithIran.
Trump’s unhinged foreign policy has needlessly endangered the lives of U.S. troops and Iraqi, Iranian, and countless other civilians.  We will not be led into another illegal war.
People in the United States and across the globe are tired of war, from the military families who have seen multiple generations in the same conflicts, to the Iranian, Iraqi and Afghani families in the United States who worry for their loved ones back home.
We’ve learned our lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan and Yemen and global endless war. We will not be led into another costly, unnecessary war of choice. We will not allow our neighbors to be targeted by law enforcement. We will not be divided.
On Thursday, January 9, join MoveOn, Indivisible, Win Without War, the National Iranian American Council and About Face: Veterans Against The War to say #NoWarWithIran and oppose Trump's war—and spread the word!
Already, we've seen Trump's actions unleash xenophobia, with Iranian-Americans detained at the border in Washington state and asked about their political allegiance. That's not the country we want to build in 2020. And tonight we've seen a dangerous response to these actions.
Where Trump acts with ignorance, fear, war, and moral weakness, we will show up with diplomacy and political courage. We are the majority, we stand united, and we oppose Trump’s war with Iran.