11 DAYS FOR PEACE -- FEBRUARY 1 - 11, 2020

The 2020 11 Days for Peace start February 1-11, 2020.       https://www.nonviolentcarbondale.org/11-days-for-peace-schedule.html  ...

The Peace Coalition Monthly Peace and Justice Vigil:  SHARE YOUR VISION FOR PEACE  will be one of the lead off event on Saturday, February 1, Noon to 1 pm, Town Square, Carbondale.   We will present programs and exhibits about unity and connection in relationship to peace. In 1985 our local community participated in an international movement to promote world peace and halt the nuclear arms race. Participants used fabric to create long quilt-like banners, or “ribbons,” which were joined with others from around the world to wrap a ribbon around the Pentagon. Carbondale’s ribbons are still here, as are the issues that prompted their creation. As an interactive visual element of 11 Days for Peace we will display and add to those ribbons while we explore unifying our connections and overcoming our divisions. How do we synergize our connections, and our impact, when we agree? Are there ways to communicate, persuade, or simply listen, and truly be heard when we disagree? We know that “divide and conquer” is an ancient technique used to weaken allied groups, sowing divisions based on ideology, race and other factors. How do we overcome efforts and impulses—both external and internal—to divide and conquer ourselves?

This will be our eighth 11 Days initiative. Each initiative brings together dozens of community groups and individuals to host programs and exhibits throughout the community over the course of 11 Days.     Check out the scheduled events when posted at  www.nonviolentcarbondale.org