User roles and how to apply for them (or how do I post things)

This site uses a series of "user roles" or access levels. Not only do we rely on users to generate the vast majority of the site's content, but also to help manage the site.

This web page (which will hopefully be kept current and up-to-date Smile will describe the various roles/access levels.

Authenticated User
This role is granted automatically upon registering with the site and completing the e-mail check. This role gives you access to most normal site functions. But Authenticated Users cannot post articles or comments to the site.

Poster/Upgraded User (Any normal user should request this role.)
The poster/upgraded user is probably the most important role. This simply means that you're an authenticated user who can contribute to the site. This role's key feature is that you are allowed to create content -- comments, article submissions, calendar events, etc. Since you've proven you're not a spammer, you get to use "filtered HTML" text format when you post. This allows you to use the "A" HTML tag and create links in content you create. Any www-type web addresses will automatically be converted to hyperlinks in this role.

This step was added because we get so many spam-bots (automated scripts that post advertisements and sleazy gimmicks) polluting the site that we had to invent a way of slowing down that nonsense. Again, "normal" uses should automatically apply for this role by going to your User Configuration Page for Your Account and select "Apply for Role." There you'll see the role of "poster (upgraded user)."

Under the "Edit" portion of your User Account Configuration Page there are a bunch of interesting options, such as: Adding a picture or graphic to your account; setting a "signature" that will be automatically added to each comment you make; and the ability to customize the many little boxes on the site -- you can heavily customize the site's appearance to your own liking.

Book Editor
The book editor has the ability to edit, change, and to rearrange the page order of any book in the site's book section. Like any book editor, they don't like typos or spelling errors, and do like consistent styling and proper punctuation. Smile

FAQ Moderator
FAQ moderators have the ability to edit and change the frequently asked question section.

FAQ moderators are also the people who answer the FAQ questions. FAQ moderators see an additional left-side block of unanswered FAQ questions and once they select an unanswered FAQ they have to answer the question. This can involve other research and FAQ moderators may reject a FAQ question or edit the FAQ question for clarity or for the FAQ to be oriented towards more Debian users.

Forum Moderator
Forum moderators have the ability to edit, change or delete any forum topic or comment to any forum topic.

While all moderators prefer to not delete any person's posts, these folks are essential towards keeping spam out of our forums and in having forum topic subjects that accurately describe the post's actual subject. (Believe it or not, "i need help" isn't an informative subject.)

Applying for a role

To add a role to your user profile, you have to request it. To request a new role, simply go to your account page and then click on the "Apply for role" tab. Select the role you want and click on "Apply".

Once you apply for a role, wait a few days. The site's admins will either grant your application or not. If not, please don't take offense; we cannot have a site full of moderators (this site isn't a wiki:-) and we try to have roles for the most active users. If you are approved, you'll see your new access levels and you may receive a message about your new role and advice on using your new power(s).