The revamped Peace Coalition of Southern IL web site

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Welcome to the revamped Peace Coalition of Southern IL web site. This is just a quick blurb to let you know of our changes and it's also a shameless request for your help!

We need your help to publicize our new site. Feel free -- no, not free, encouraged! -- to tell your friends.

If you're a community member doing good things in Southern Illinois, please create an account and then leave feedback to the webmaster asking for calendar creation powers. Once verified, you'll then be able to enter your group's events into our calendar.

We have a lot of new features and tweaking to do. But this all comes down to a question of implementation time and how the site develops. Right now the focus is on tweaking things and prettying things up, and of course getting more users.

But if you see anything that's broken or "just" acts strangely, please let us know -- thanks!