This Site's Privacy Policy

This is our site's privacy policy:

You have to agree to this to use this site. This policy is written in plain English (unlike some policies which are written by lawyers specifically designed to cause readers not to read them).

  • We use cookies to keep track of your session while you're on the site. Feel free to erase our cookies if you want to.

  • We do not transmit any of your information to third parties. We don't sell your info, we don't give it away. Plain enough, huh?

  • We might use your e-mail address to contact you to notify you about upcoming events. But those e-mails will be from the Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois and not by some third party.

  • We do not submit any data to Google or Facebook or any other vendor. (Did you know that about 75% of all web sites transmit data to Google and then Google uses that data to track your movements across the Internet? So why are you using Google, that CIA-connected search engine when other ones exist that function just as well but don't rape your privacy? Example #1, Example #2.)

  • We do not do advertising to generate revenue. On the Internet, ads are commonly used to track people's movements across the Internet. We're a shoestring-budget community group so we might beg for money, but we will not subject you to the mental manipulation known as advertising.

The above is simple enough, isn't it?

If you think there's something else we should include, leave a comment below.