Peace Coalition E-Mail Mailing Lists

The Southern Illinois Peace Coalition sponsors a variety of e-mail mailing lists. Some are "read-only" type of lists that only certain users can post e-mails into, while others are discussion-oriented lists where all users can post and carry on conversations.

To join (subscribe) to a list you must send an e-mail. Click on the appropriate link below and it should invoke your e-mail program with a message with the appropriate To, Subject (etc.) fields already filled in.


List Name -- Link -- Brief description

  • pcsil-news -- (under construction...) -- A "read-only" news mailing list of events and important information from the Peace Coalition of Southern Illiniois.
  • pcsil-sjw -- (under construction...) -- An open list of news items concerning anti-war, progressive political issues and issues of social justice.
  • pcsil-discussion -- (under construction...) -- An open list for discussions and conversations about a variety of topics.
  • pcsil-active -- (under construction...) -- A list featuring other groups' campaigns to send letters/e-mails and do armchair Internet "activism."