About Free Software

This site is running all free software.

Fast fact and aside: Free software is typically "free" as in "no cost" or "free beer." But more importantly, it is always "free" as in "freedom" -- you have the freedom to copy and alter free software. The user -- you -- is in charge, not some profit-seeking business. (Trust me when I say you are not in control of your computer or "cell phone" unless it is running free software.)

With Microsoft and many of the other commercial software you use and mindlessly click "Okay" and "agree" to their license agreement, you often agree to allow the copyright owners or their representatives to come into your house or business and to inspect your computers to see if you are violating their license agreement -- the one that you "agreed" to by clicking "Okay."

And you may have agreed to pay for their inspection of your computer -- did you know that? Perhaps you should have read that license agreement?! But trust me -- I've seen it done in software corporations with my own eyes -- software lawyers specifically write those license "agreements" to purposely discourage a person from reading them. Eager to pay Microsoft, Apple or Google or some non-free software corporation more money? Your choice... (End of aside/rant.)

This site runs on a powerful dedicated server containing gobs of memory and multiple central processors. That server runs the free software Debian GNU/Linux operating system. Debian, named after a husband and wife geek team Deborah and Ian, is called "the universal operating system."

Debian GNU/Linux literally runs on everything from MOTSCOs (literally "MObile Tracking and Surveillance COmputer; that's what "cell phones" are) to desktop PCs to Internet servers to huge mainframe computers to several of the world's top-10 fastest super-computers -- they all run Debian GNU/Linux. It literally is the "universal operating system." (Did you know that if you have an Android MOTSCO it literally runs on GNU/Linux? Google/Android would prefer to keep you ignorant of that fact.)

No Microsoft or Apple or any other commercial software is involved -- again, just free software, just like the free software that powers the infrastructure of the vast majority of the Internet. (Did you know that? If not, it's because we have commercial mass media and for-profit corporations like Apple, Google and Microsoft spend a lot of money to keep you uninformed).

The main web-based software powering the site is Drupal a global free software project. Drupal has/is powering some of the world's largest sites, such as WhiteHouse.gov and many major commercial sites. It's 100% free and legal for us to use, no payments will ever be asked of us. If we want to change the name and sell it ourselves, it's perfectly fine for us to do -- again, it is free software.

The Drupal cosmetic interface that you see here is called a "theme" -- more free software -- and was freely provided by Adaptive Themes. Thanks to them and Drupal's design, we can easily change most colors and have quite a bit of power changing some other things.

Drupal stores all of what you think of as its "web pages" into a database -- specifically a Maria database. The way Drupal works is that it pulls data out of a database, creates web pages by Drupal programs on-the-fly, and then sends those web pages out to you -- the user -- via an Apache web server, the most widely used web server on the Internet. Okay, say it with me this time: "again, all free software."

And this can be done in a semi-automated way, without paying one billionaire one penny, and all without any software company getting one penny of profit -- last time, I promise -- all because of free software. Free software was a concept pioneered by MIT's Dr. Richard Stallman, a man who was literally a recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship "Genius Grant," We should pay homage and thank Stallman and the many hackers at the Free Software Foundation.