MONTHLY PEACE AND JUSTICE VIGIL Fund Climate Solutions, Not Endless War!

              Fund Climate Solutions, Not Endless War!
The Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois Monthly Vigil for Peace and Justice will be held Saturday, September 7, Noon to 1 P.M. at the corner of Illinois Ave. and Main Street in Carbondale.
The warnings of climate chaos are coming so fast they are difficult to keep up with. Storms, heatwaves and climate-related weather disasters are increasing at a rapid pace. A recent MIT study reports that today’s oceans are absorbing carbon at an order of magnitude faster than the worst case in the geologic record. This is likely to be similar to past global catastrophes potentially culminating in the Earth’s sixth mass extinction.  Floods in southern Illinois, fires in Alaska and the Amazon are signs of what our fossil fuel addiction creates. European and American scientists confirm that the present sustained, ubiquitous warming is unique in that it can be coupled directly with the Industrial Revolution, the clearing of the forests, population growth and profligate use of fossil fuels.
Moody’s Analytics examined the economic impact of the failure to curb planet-warming emissions in “The Economic Implications of Climate Change.” Moody’s warns there will be a $69 trillion price tag by 2100 due to the far-reaching economic damage of the climate crisis.
At $716 billion annually, this year’s budget for the Pentagon and related agencies is at one of its highest levels since World War II – more than the next seven nations in the world combined, five of which are U.S. allies.
By reducing military spending by at least $200 billion annually, it would free up more than $2 trillion over the next decade. That money could then be spent on domestic priorities, including investing in technology like renewable energy that will create the well-paying jobs of the future. The climate crisis demands no less. It’s time to stop misdirecting hundreds of billions of dollars away from domestic and human needs to pad unnecessary budget lines for endless wars, failed weapons, and the Pentagon’s corporate handouts.

Appropriate signs will be provided, but all are invited to bring their own. The Peace Coalition Monthly Meeting will follow the Vigil at Cristaudo’s Café and Bakery. All are invited to attend.