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Brazil Turns on Bolsonaro

As the 2022 campaign nears, many of the myths that made Bolsonaro appealing have been washed away by the grim realization of what he has always been: a huckster, most notable for his abrasiveness and authoritarian posturing.

Permission to Imagine

A new collection of Stuart Hall’s writing offers a guide to the limits of representation in building anti-racist politics.

Hope for Labor at the End of History

Amid the bleak political landscape of Clinton’s America, a 1996 summit of union organizers and intellectuals proved a surprise success. It also showed the weakness of left ideas without a strong labor movement.

Mutual Aid Goes Mainstream

Now that the pandemic has shifted from an immediate to a chronic crisis, organizers have a chance to rethink the political implications of their efforts.

Lessons for Courtiers

The results of the 2020 Democratic primaries suggest the limits of a left strategy for power starting at, rather than building toward, the presidency.

A Shared Language Lost

The Netanyahus captures a time before American and Israeli Jews underwent a great fissure.

The New Black Internationalism

The Movement for Black Lives has developed an incipient internationalist language and vision, with the potential to remap America’s place in the world.

Community College: The Great Equalizer?

Even if community colleges were fully funded, students could still face a curriculum and styles of instruction that reinforce their unequal position in the social order.

The People United

Occupy Wall Street made the student debt crisis into a political issue. Today, debt relief and the idea of free college are more popular than they’ve ever been in the United States.

The University We Want

Introducing our Fall 2021 special section, “Back to School.”

Escape from Adjunct Hell

Academia once seemed to provide an escape from capitalism. Two new novels question the very concept of refuge itself.

A New Deal for Eds and Meds

Organizers now recognize that to remake higher education as a public good, they must fight and win at the national level.

When Title IX Is Not Enough

Student experiments in DIY justice point to the shortcomings of the current Title IX system in confronting sexual harm on campuses.

Toward a Just Food System

A vision of a food system reliant on small family farmers producing local food ignores the necessity of addressing major problems at scale.

Belarus’s Season of Discontent

By focusing on what distinguishes the Belarusian model from its post-Soviet counterparts, we can better understand the sources of opposition to the Lukashenko government today.