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Coexistence or Carnage

If the conflicts of interest are real, and the stakes are felt to be high enough, then war between the United States and China is a real possibility, and our foreign policy must be oriented toward avoiding it.

Taiwan in the Crosshairs

Cold War metaphors have crept into the public discourse about Taiwan. These analogies mislead more than they illuminate.

Two Homes at War

For those whose hyphenated identities straddle a divided world, life is a series of compromises.

Insecurity Policy

American rhetoric during the first Cold War relied on an idealized image of U.S. institutions. Today, political elites are more likely to emphasize their vulnerability.

Bloody Sunday at Fifty

Commemorations in Derry were a reminder that all of the issues at the heart of the Irish struggle for freedom against the British state remain very much alive.

Tech Workers Lie Flat

Why is China’s internet industry putting an end to the grueling schedules that have fueled so much of its growth?

Response: Christine Stansell

I very much appreciate the manifest content of Eugene Genovese’s piece, although I’m impatient with its deeper import. As for the first, I agree entirely that it remains difficult, often impossible, to discuss publicly within the sociable circles and academic …

The Art of War

Like almost every other war film, The Battle at Lake Changjin is less a work of art than a social engineering project.

The Archaeology of Hope

The Dawn of Everything challenges us to shake off fatalism and embrace the creativity at the heart of doing politics.