Dissent Magazine

The Forcefield of Solidarity

Daisy Pitkin’s On the Line is one of the best books ever written about American trade unionism.

Who Rules the Rural South?

If we think culture explains voting behavior, we should be talking about a culture of disempowerment and resignation before we talk about a culture of conservatism.

Can DSA Go the Distance?

In a matter of years, DSA has turned from a musty debate club for retired social democrats into an electoral powerhouse of young, ecumenical radicals. What’s next?

Our Segregation Problem

Throughout the United States, racial separation remains a common feature of collective life. The consequences are significant for left political organizing aimed at building a multiracial working-class majority.

Why Are You a Socialist?

Rather than a science or a lifestyle, socialism is an approach to the world’s injustices that can compel us to act with one another—even in darker times.

Masters of None

The White House MasterClass series is a symptom of a mordant political culture in which power transforms a person into a celebrity.

Con City

If it is actually built, Akon City will be a monument to capital, excess, and waste.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If there’s a chance to make a better world, our best shot comes from building a working-class majority.

We’re All Social Democrats Now

On the left, talk of proletarian revolution has given way to vital debates about how to enact Medicare for All and a Green New Deal, revive unionism, and strip the power of the Supreme Court.


Remembering Irving Howe

Lucidity may have been Irving Howe’s favorite word, as much in prose as in politics. In a preface to the republication of Politics and the Novel, written shortly before his death, he remarked that nowadays, “when critical writing is marked …

Reflections on 1968 and Environs

Nineteen hundred and sixty eight came prewrapped in a mythic version of itself. At every moment, one was aware that this was 1968. The whole year was written in italics. Everything lent itself to media melodrama, but this was not the …

The Ills of the System

Thanks to the election of Bill Clinton, American are going to discover whether a change in leadership can cure the ills of their political system. Are the inadequacies in governing that have given rise to so much discontent mainly a …

Women’s Work

Caroline Walker’s paintings are a reflection of modern labor conditions in an increasingly service-based economy.

Destructive Myths

Romanticized stories about the Second World War are at the heart of American exceptionalism.

Flood Inc.

The adaptation framework has been used to privatize public services, extract resources, and muster new reserve armies of labor. People, not capital, should determine how to reconfigure their lives in the face of climate change.