Dissent Magazine

Digital Corbynism

In the UK, the left no longer has a party, but it may still have the tools necessary for retaking it—tools that can be improved, remodeled, and reorganized.

Multiple Mainstreams

Only public investment will deliver a media that can serve the news needs of our time.

The Race Class Narrative Can Win

The rich and powerful use racism to protect their interests and scapegoat communities of color. But there is an effective way to talk about both race and class when organizing for multiracial democracy.

A Modest Exercise in Freedom

The left is at its most intelligent and most ethical when it believes—and vigorously promotes the belief—that everyone has the right to be heard.

Whose Free Speech?

Free speech, like any freedom struggle, is about power.

Social Media’s Sad Passions

The more acceptable it is to denounce people because of their speech, the more likely it is that it will eventually happen to you.

The Left Needs Free Speech

What gives leftists the space to promote unpopular positions is the respect most Americans give to free speech.

Beyond the Nuclear Family

We won’t end precarity with nostalgia for an era when men were the primary breadwinners.

The Feminist Struggle for Time to Care

The best family policies would lift household income by raising pay and social wages—and would value work wherever it takes place.

The Family Lottery

Family abolitionism puts children’s freedom at the heart of society.

A Name To Know

A new documentary finally gives Pauli Murray, the trailblazing feminist and civil rights lawyer who coined the term “Jane Crow,” their due.

The Conservative Court

Since the Nixon era, the Supreme Court’s treatment of poverty and racial justice has made it a consistent enemy of society’s most marginalized.

The Pandemic Risk Shift

In the face of COVID-19, the political response has been at best temporary relief and at worst indifference. What we need going forward is not just better public health measures, but a response to the economic insecurities and policy failures that it laid bare.

After Homosexuality

Sexual Hegemony, an ambitious retelling of the history of capitalism through the politics of gay sex, arrives just in time to help dissuade us of the idea that we have reached the end of gay history.

Majority-Minority Myths

It’s time to let go of the belief that changing demographics will bring about a progressive America.

Red London

Owen Hatherley’s eye-opening account of the left in power in London suggests both the possibilities and limits for municipal socialism.